Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kiara's First (And Second) Plane Ride
Thank you Virgin America for the great service and hospitality!

Noriko keeping Kiara entertained before the flight.
Kiara looked a little worried before takeoff...
And then she was out!
Kiara soothing herself with her delicious hand.
Noriko catching a moment on the flight.
Kiara in the restroom as I'm changing her after a blowout.
All clean and happy!
LAnded and safe at PDX.
My turn to entertain Kiara before the flight back to LAX.
Kiara loving life in her own seat.
The lovely ladies in my life.
Family shot time!
LAnded at LAX...Home Sweet Home!!!


  1. Love all the pics. She did great on her first & second flight.

    1. Thanks Kate...truly grateful for how she did on the flights.