Thursday, April 5, 2012

My First Time Out Into The World As A Dad!

This was the night before laying out Kiara's outfit to the doctor's office on Dodgers' Opening Day! Prepping my softball outfits the night before have prepared me for this day; and since I'm now retired from softball, I prepare outfits for Kiara.

Also the night before, I prepped my diaper bag for my first time going out into the real world as a dad. I traded my Elite softball backpack for a Skiphop diaper bag.
4 days old and she already has a favorite Dodger. Thanks Auntie Crystal!
Doing the Rambo to soothe Kiara...and yes it worked. Thanks Sean!
Diaper bag...check. Child seat...check. Baby...check. Milk supply...AKA Noriko...check!


  1. Yeah but where ya going all dolled up??

    1. We went to her first pediatric appointment.