Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome to Labor & Delivery
This is just a glimpse of my surroundings at Labor & Delivery at Kaiser West LA.

I had to take this picture!
The last Labor & Delivery Room that was available that night. #packedhouse
This was suppose to be the baby warmer for Kiara...change of plans after 24 hours!
My trooper on enough pain meds to communicate with the outside world.
I was craving Carl's Jr. all day...thanks Pam!!!
This was my bed for the 24 hours in LDRP8.
Sitting on the exercise ball next to Noriko.
I was so nervous about the delivery of Kiara that I could barely relax and watch the Final 4 semis.


  1. Spring babies are the best! Our doctor, Andy and I watched the final four tourneys together in the hospital for each of our deliveries. Congrats again! -Holly