Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank You For Looking Over And Protecting Kiara
This post is for all the family members that Kiara came after...
I wish you all could've met your beautiful granddaughter, your great-granddaughter, your great niece and your niece, but I know you all are looking down on her smiling. 
I wish you could have met Kiara Dad! If there's one person who would've taken more pictures of Kiara than me, it would of been you. I would've love to see Kiara in your arms, playing with her like you did with me. Love and miss you Dad...RIP!
Ima...lived a hundred gazillion years! I wish Kiara could've watched the Price is Right and Emergency 51 like we watched when I was a munchkin. Love you Ima...RIP!
The Nakada Uncles...
Noriko's cousin Traci... 

I know all of you are looking over Kiara and protecting her with all of your wings. Even though Kiara will not know you personally, she will know about all of you and all the memories we have of you.

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